Ad Placement Policy

The Run Down

NoUrSchool (Know Your School) is a community-based information hub for Gaffney High School in the Cherokee County School District. NoUrSchool provides information, announcements, and updates on all school news in one central hub making it easily accessible for all parents, students, teachers, coaches, faculty, and staff. NoUrSchool is run by KNOW(2) under the Cherokee County Junior Achievement committee and is a third-party independent company. All school news we post is under public domain and can be accessed by anyone.

What We Accept

NoUrSchool is run for students, parents, and teachers. We post information regarding Gaffney High School, so we do have certain types of ads we will not allow to be posted to our website because of the school code of conduct.

We can not accept advertisements that include;

  • Strong sexual or visual content
  • Advertisements that promote the use of tobacco
  • Advertisements that promote the use of alcohol
  • Advertisements that promote the use of drugs or firearms

The Analytics


Our Ad Placement Policy changed on March 13, 2017.  With this update, we changed our pricing and method of accepting advertisements. Our pricing has drastically changed from the projected $30.00/month per month with no lock-in to $100.00 one time payment for a lock-in of two (2) years. Our team has changes this because we are a start-up company and at our stage, our website is not highly populated by views. The purchase of Ad Space will be used as an investment to the company with no royalty or equity stake. Your equity in this “investment” will be the impression return for your ad placement.

How Our Ads Work

We use our own Ad Server ensuring that only the ads that our bought from us will be displayed. These ads rotate, depending on ad type (leaderboard or boxed) that is submitted by the advertiser, and will display in different places all around the website, on different pages, and different articles.

We are a KNOW(2) Organization, so all payments given to NoUrSchool are completely tax deductible.

If you have any further questions regarding the advertisement policy or would like to discuss placing your advertisement to NoUrSchool, please contact the NoUrSchool Manager

Clinton G. Davis  |  CEO and Lead Dev.                                                                                            | 1-864-490-1714


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